Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 months without any posts? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??

This is what I am thinking so many times at the moment and I am just sitting around doing nonsense. I´ve been so motivated to blog lately and posted lots on my private blog for my family about my Au Pair Year. But for some reason right now there isn´t enough of the topics that I am interested in in my life.
So here I am back again and this time I am willing to spend my freetime on photographing, writing and many other things.
I have five months left in the United States and lots of exiting trips coming up (New York, Hawaii, Westcoast).
And I just want to live those five months to the fullest. I´ve been saving money for a long time to pay all my travels, but now it is all paid for and I can go shopping and have fun  again :) 
And I am making plans for next year already, but I´m not going to talk about it until it´s sure.

And now I´ll give you a really quick overview over my last 10 months :)
Have fun!

At my graduation in June. Done with school!
Michigan in August

NYC-Tour during the Au Pair Training School

Finally! I arrived in Chicago July 17th. And I fell in love with this city the first time I went downtown. (Even though the winter is terribly cold.)

Washington DC in Octobre

Skydeck at Willis Tower

Washington Monument

The Lincoln Memorial

Beautiful sunset in Florida where we spend christmas

And a few pictures from my most recent trip two weeks ago. It was a weekend trip to New Orleans.

I loved all the pretty houses in New Orleans!

We visited Mardi Gras World
Hope it´s warming up where you are too! Here it´s getting really nice
xo Carina

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I´m back and there are some news

Yes, I know. It has been an extremely long time, since I posted something (more than half a year). There were so many things going on in my life. I´m almost done with school now (only one exam ahead of me) and I just didn´t have the time and didn´t feel like doing anything while I had to study so much.

I decided to make some changes. I´ll start writing as myself (Carina) instead of Peach and I´m going to try not to stress myself if I´m not in the mood to write something, because I don´t want to post anything totally senseless.
But now I´m full of inspiration and new ideas and I´m probably going to have a lot more time for posting. At least until midth July...

Because those are some news: I´m going to live in a suburb of Chicago for a year as an Au Pair. I´m super exited as it´s not even two month to go. I´ve wanted to go to America for a few years now and even if it´s strange thinking that I´m going to be away from home for a whole year, it´s going to be an amazing experience. I´m sure :)
So then there will be another topic this blog will be about, as I don´t want to start another one, only because it´s a different topic.
I mean it´s my blog and it´s about my life and that´s going to be a part of my life.

That´s it for now, because, as I said I´ll have to do one more exam, I have to study. I just have an outfit from a few weeks ago, when it finally started to get warm here to add some pictures to this post:

Top, Skirt & Bracelet: H&M/ Shoes: Deichmann/ Bag: Primark

xo Carina

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wearing my new stuff

Hi guys,
this week getting dressed in the mornings was a lot of fun for me. I enjoyed wearing my new clothes from Munich. As I said I would show them to you in some outfit post ... well, here some of them are.
I´m so exited to combine new stuff when I get it.

 Monday                                                                               Tuesday
Black and white.                                                              Patterned cardigan.
I got both cardigans at Forever21 and I love them. They´re so chunky and kept me super warm.

Shirt/Leggings:H&M,Boots:UGG,Necklace:Brandy Melville
 Wednesday                                                                                 Thursday



Blouse:Forever21,Jeans:H&M,Boots:Local store,Owl ring:H&M
Thursday´s outfit is kind of my favourite this week. I can´t really explain why, I just felt the most comfortable with this look.
Have a good (and hopefully sunny - here it´s rather rainy) weekend!

xo Peach 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Back from Munich

Hi guys,

I´m back from my trip to Munich and school starts again tomorrow. But I´m quite positive about it as I got a lot of cute things that will make it easier to feel good during those early mornings. I decided to show you some things - most of them are accessories - and random pictures from my trip in this post and the clothes in different outfit posts.

                                             City impressions
The city hall at Marienplatz

In the "Hofgarten"



In the Olympiapark


Sushi! I loved vegetarian rolls with rucola, tomato, cucumber and cream cheese.

Sausage salad with Brezen 


Fresh fruits and coffee for breakfast. Yummy!

Selfmade Spinach-cheese-Knödel with sage- butter and Parmesan. The best thing I ate there!


            Spaghetti with mussels

                             Some new things

Some of my new things. The bracelets and hand warmers were a present, so I don´t know where they´re from.

The shoes and bag were my cousin´s before, but as she didn´t need them anymore she gave them to me. 
(Both H&M)

 I love the material of the hoodie. It´s knitted and super soft. 

                                                 And this statement necklace is another thing I love.

I hope you enjoyed this post of my autumn trip to cold Munich. And as school starts again, I´m going to get to wear my new stuff a lot. Exited for that.

Have a nice day!
xo Peach

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Missing summer

Now here´s the post with the pictures of my trip to La Palma in August. I just love to look at them and think back to those warm and sunny days, while outside the window everything looks grey and boring.


Caldera de taburiente

Plaza La Glorieta, Las Manchas

Paseo marítimo en Los Cancajos

 En el Roque de los        Muchachos

I´m missing summer so much, especially as I´m not going to travel to a warm place another time this year. But I´m going to go to Munich for a week in the end of the month and I´m super exited for that. I really think that Munich is an amazing city, even if it´s probably going to be cold. 

xo Peach