Thursday, January 24, 2013


As I showed in my christmas post I got the book "Style" by Lauren Conrad for christmas and I´m almost done reading it. I really think it´s a book full of good tipps etc. and in her book Lauren Conrad calls it a "good test" to pick out the ten things of your wadrobe, that are your favourites and that are your "wear-to-death-things". So I went through my wadrobe today and started searching for those pieces. So here are the first five:

The first piece is my parka that I got for this winter. It´s
super warm and I´m wearing it nearly everyday at the moment,
since it´s really cold.
It actually looks greener than on the foto in reality.

I know that this cardigan looks like it´s my grandfather´s one, but it´s the best cozy cardigan I´ve ever had and it looks really good worn over clothes that are a little tighter. For example with a bodycon skirt with ethno print I got a few months ago.                                                            
Well, my next favourite is this black leather jacket. Do I have to say anything else? I love pairing it with very feminin pieces, like lace tops or a light pink polka dotted dress.

This top is really my favourite top, since the front floats down to one side in a very pretty way and I´m so exited to wear it again in summer.

These fringe booties have been favourites of mine for three years now and even if my friends tell me, that they don´t like them every time I wear them, I just love them. It was love at first sight, when I got them at a local small shoe boutique and I´m still happy I got them and I think that this totally makes them a "wear-to-death-thing".

I´m going to try to upload the other five favourites troughout the next few days, because I got some more time since school isn´t very busy at the moment.
Hope you enjoyed it :)

Friday, January 18, 2013



Since I didn´t have a lot of time lately I decided to use my free weekend for some posting. So here´s an outfit I´ve worn about a week ago, when the temperature was still ok. Now it´s freezing cold and I´m actually just running around in chunky knitted sweaters everyday. How about you do you have snow?

This is the outfit. Unfortunately the picture isn´t the best since I was in a rush while taking it.
But it´s just a pair of simple lavender jeans and my favourite jean shirt with a studded collar.

I paired it with a nice necklace...                                                                               
                                                            And wore my hair up in a simple bun...

So that´s it! I´m actually going to try to prepare a new
post tomorrow if there´ll be some time left.
Enjoy your weekend!