Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring outfit ideas

Since I have a lot of time during the holidays, yesterday I decided to style some spring outfits. It´s still very cold, but I just can´t wait for spring and wearing my new things.
As nobody was there to take pictures I had to do it myself, which is the reason they´re done with a mirror. But however, here are the pictures.

At first I went totally crazy about my new pair of leopard leggins. I saw these on a girl in Prague, combined with a light blue jacket and was so happy when I found them.
Since I liked the combination with blue I just tried out a few different shades of blue and I think that the leggins go great with all of them.
As I think the leggins are edgy enough, I kept the rest of the outfits a little more feminine.
Of course I also used a minty blue, since it´s by far one of my favourite colours.

For shoes I chose my new nude wedges.
Because the outfit is so simple with the white
pullover and the dark washed skinny jeans,
I wanted to add a touch of colour by using a
chunky bracelet.

I really like this outfit, but when I noticed it was more a summer, than a spring outfit I comined the dress in a different way.
                               I took a cardigan instead of the pullover and
                                   used tights, a belt and my fringe boots.

 xo Peach 

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hi there!
I´m finally back from Prague and it was a nice week. I really liked the old town, even if I think some of the other parts of Prague aren´t very nice. The only bad thing was that it was freezing cold and I was just running around with a hood and gloves and anything that would keep me warm all the time. So I didn´t get any nice outfit pictures which is a little annoying. But however, I took some pictures of Prague, my buys and other stuff.

Prague by night

 These pictures were taken during a guided tour through Prague the first morning after we arrived.

Lunchtime after the tour... Delicious spring rolls.
In the village there I found these scarves for only 4€ each.
Another day we had a trip to karlstejn castle.

The last day in Prague the weather was quite nice and we had a tour through Prague castle.

Lunchtime: The first sushi in my life.

And in the afternoon we had time for some shopping.
So happy about the things I got! 
Dinner at Vapiano Dresden were we spend a few hours.

I hope you enjoyed the post. I love travelling and seeing new cities! How about you?

XO Peach 

Friday, March 15, 2013

The last weeks and following days

My last weeks have been super busy again, but tomorrow I´m going to Prague for a few days with school and after that two weeks of holiday start. So I´m going to have a lot more time for posting than I had lately, which I´m pretty exited about. I hope I´ll get to take some nice pictures for the blog in Prague!
To make this post a little more interesting, because I don´t have a lot of time (like always), since I have to finish packing, here are some sneek peaks of my last weeks:

       Just a simple sweater and
                                 leather jacket kind of day.

             Or another outfit with lace details and curly hair:

Sooo happy I finally found my perfect white pullover and a pair of lace sneakers.

This day I dressed a little more girly, since I just love wearing light pink and flowers.

Ready for being sporty!

Finally got time to clean and organize my wadrobe.

I want to make a top out of this fabric, but I´m so impatient.