Friday, April 26, 2013


Hi there!
Of course I took pictures of my daily outfits like every week. This week I wrote the last exam for about two month. So exiting! Now I´m going to enjoy my weekend, go running tomorrow on a run in my city and today I´m going to cook something with my mum.I can´t wait for the summer holidays, even if it´s still about three month (and seven exams :/ ) to go. Well, at least school is going quite well and there are going to be a lot of free days and exiting events during those month.


It has just been a bit chilly on monday so I decided to go with a blouse and pullover combination, which is something I really love. I also thought about pairing it with a statement necklace, but I skipped that because of the studded collar.
Earrings: H&M

Jeans shirt: Only, Pullover: Vero Moda, Trousers& Bangle: H&M, Shoes: Hilfiger


Finally played Tennis outside again!

little bow earrings

Parka: Mango, T-Shirt: Tally Weijl, Jeans: New Yorker, Heels: Tamaris, Bangle:?
And the shoes a little more detailed.


I decided to go for a simple black and white (actually mostly black) outfit with my only playsuit and added some touches of red to make the whole look a little more interesting.

 My hair was just in a messy bun, while the earrings catched the red again.

Shoes: Primark, Everything else: H&M


Spanish exam and temperatures like on a hot summer day, so for the first time this year I was able to go running in shorts. And I used the chance of the warm day to wear the strapless top I sewed myself about two weeks ago for the first time. Exiting!

Cardigan: Mango, Top: made it myself, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Primark

Rose earrings from Bijoux Brigitte


It´s cold and raining again :(

Necklace: Gina Tricot, I love how it combines edgy and feminine.

Top: Vero Moda, Cardigan: Esprit, Jeans: H&M, Belt & Shoes: Primark

The top of the Thursday outfit was so much work and I´m so happy it fits and everything, since I´ve never sewed before. And it was hard because I´m an incredibly impatient person. Unfortunately.
Well, however. I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe got some inspirations.

XO Peach 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spaghetti Sunday

Hi there!

It´s weekend and what I love to do when I have a lot of time is cooking.
I just take what I feel like would taste delicious and start off. So it´s not always THAT delicious, but it´s fun. And some things taste so good that I cook them again every once in a while.
Today I made myself some spaghetti and just thought of sharing this with you. Are you interested in more foodposts? Maybe with something more exciting?

 At first I took some frozen peas and broke some spaghetti into smaller pieces. Of course you can use any sort of noodles you want.

 After that I put peas and spaghetti into a pot with some selfmade pesto, that gives it an amazing taste, and olive oil and waited till it started to saute. And when it started I added vegetable broth and let it cook slowly, like risotto rice.

And while it cooked I cut some mini mozzarella balls into small slices and took about a tablespoon of pine nuts.
I added both  in the end when the spaghetti where al dente and mixed them in.

 After adding some more pesto and pepper it was ready.

Yummy! I added some tuna, because I was kind of hungry for fish.
Well and that was it. It was super delicious and super easy to cook.

Friday, April 19, 2013


This week spring was totally there. Unfortunately the weekend is probably not going to be as nice, but next week it´s going to get better again. So now I´m going to wrap myself into warm close, since I´m going to spend the evening in a sports stadium and it´s going to be cold.
But before I´ll show you what my outfits of that warm week looked like.

Monday - finally more than 20° and sun!!! Springfeelings

Jacket, T-Shirt, Bracelet:New Yorker, Jeans, Bangle:H&M

Some details like my bag from Prague 

Tuesday - nude and orange (I think the only orange piece I own)

Shirt: New Yorker, Cardigan: Mango, scarf: was a present, belt, bracelets: Primark, jeans, bangle: H&M, watch: S.Oliver, shoes: Deichmann

Wednesday - summer temperatures and a whole day of learning for an exam
high-low blouse, bangle, leggins: H&M, bag: New Yorker, shoes: Zara

 Thursday - biology exam and running in the sun

scarf: Pieces, top, leather jacket: H&M, blouse: Ralph Lauren, bag, Primark, leather leggins: Bershka, shoes: Hilfiger

 Friday - not very warm at all

scarf, dress, belt: H&M, Cardigan: Mango, fringe booties: local boutique
Bracelets from Primark and H&M, I really love bracelets at the moment

 Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


As I said here´s the first Outfits of the week Post. I tried to take a quick foto right after school every day. School started pretty stressfully, but that´s ok since my mood is very good, because spring is finally here since last week. And today I´m going to have my first BBQ this year.

Blouse: Only, Tanktop: Vero Moda, Leggins: CamaĆ­eu, Shoes: Primark, Necklace: H&M


Leggins: New Yorker, Bag: Primark, Blazer: Only, Ring: SIX

Longsleeve: H&M, Chino: Primark, Shoes: local boutique



Pullover: Vero Moda, Jeggins: Pieces, Necklace: Primark, Shoes: Hilfiger

Back of the pullover


Leggins: New Yorker, Top & Leatherjacket: H&M, Sweatjacket, Shoes & Bag: Primark
Skull bracelet: New Yorker, others: Primark

And now I´m going to clean my room and get ready for BBQ.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
xo Peach 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little haul

I went to Primark with my best friend yesterday and I have to admit it wasn´t a lot of fun, because it was so ful there. But I like to go there every once in a while (which means about once a year in my case) and I found some cute stuff. It´s probably my last time shopping til the summer holidays, because those are going to be pretty exciting for me. But nothing more about this yet.
I only took pictures of the more exciting things I got, since there were also two pretty simple dresses and a lightblue hoodie that I thought weren´t worse showing them in a haul post.

The first things I got were these accessories. I really love the hair band with the floral print. It looks so much like summer.

I was looking for a black bag in a good size as an everyday bag for so long.
This belt is very feminine, which I like.

I really love this lightweight little jacket. It´s so nice to dress up a simple top and shorts outfit. And when I saw, it was on sale for only 5€ no more overthinking was necessary.

Last but not least I got two pairs of simple sneakers that I already got in other colours last time (the grey and the turquoise ones), because they´re super cheap and good for casual days. And I got those red ones that are kind of like van - look a likes.

So this was the last haul post so far, but I´m planning to post outfits of the week on the weekends, since I think I´m going to be able to handle this while learning for school that starts again tomorrow.

xo Peach