Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sorry I´ve not posted anything in a while, but I´ve been to Poland. Actually to the north at the coast for a few days. I´m always so exited when I get the chance to see a new country. And even if it was raining from time to time I got the chance to spend some time at the beach the last day when it became very warm and sunny.
So here are my impressions from the Tricity Gdánsk, Gdynia and Sopot.

First here´s the super casual outfit I wore for some travel shopping the day before going to Poland.
I just love these moccasins, since there´s sheepskin inside.

Strawbag, Chino:Primark, Top:Vero Moda, Shoes:Deichmann, Necklace:Bijoux Brigitte

In Gdánsk: 

I think that Gdánsk is a very nice town with pretty, old houses and wonderful small streets. I really liked it there. 

Had a Caesar´s salad there in a bar at the water.
Shopping at "Klif" shoppingcenter in Gdynia:

Of course we also did some shopping. I had a hard time deciding which dress I wanted to get. 
In the end I chose the maxi dress, because I´ve been searching for a nice one for so long. But I´m thinking about ordering the other dress online as well. And even if I´m not going to order it there´ll be another chance for me to go shopping at Stradivarius in summer. But I´m going to tell you later.

Dress I´m still thinking about getting at Stradivarius.
The dress I got from a store called "Cubus".

Sopot and Gdynia the last day

The last day we walked along the beach and in the afternoon the sun was shining and we spent some time there. 

Walk along the coast in Gdynia

Ordered a salad in Sopot since I needed something healthy because I ate a lot of the delicious Polish sweets. It was in a very cute little pizzeria.

Wonderful weather in the afternoon in Gdynia.

I hope you liked this travelling post and next week I´m also going to post a new OOTW post, since there are five days of school and of dressing nicely. So enjoy your weekend (mine starts today)!

xo Peach

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back again

So here I am again. I´m sorry for not posting anything, but I´ve had three stressy days at the beginning of the last week and then I got sick and spent the last days in bed.
Before I´m leaving in the afternoon, to spend my weekend at the countryside (I have to get fully healthy till my next trip in six days), I wanted to show you three outfits I was able to fotograph last week.

Moday-chiffon blouse and aztec print skirt 

On monday I actually still felt pretty good and cooked myself something with zucchini, dried and fresh tomatoes and polenta.

I was wearing:
Blouse&Bracelet: H&M, Scarf: Pieces, Skirt: NewYorker, Wedgeboots: Görtz

 Tuesday- snake print on my blouse

Boots:S.Oliver, Parka:Mango, Blouse:Vero Moda, Leggins: H&M

I had to put the thicker lining into my parka again, because it seems like summer isn´t going to come this year.
Wednesday- At least there´s summer on my skirt

Necklace:gift, Skirt:Bershka, Boots:UGG, Bracelets:Primark&New Yorker

Yes. Those boots are my thick UGG´s. And yes it´s the middle of may. And yes it´s way to cold.

It´s pretty annoying that I´m still not really healthy since there´s a festival in my town and I wanted to go there since they have a lot of little shops were you can get quite cute stuff like maxiskirts and this kind of hippie stuff. Last year I got a wonderful lace vest and I was so exited for this year, also because I love styling festival outfits. But now I´m not going to go there :(
Well however, I hope you have an amazing weekend.

xo Peach

Wednesday, May 8, 2013



I´m already posting my Outfits of the week today, since I only had three days of school this week.
And I´m not going to get any time the next two days, because on friday I´m going to a wedding. Of course I´m going to show you the outfit I´ll be wearing there asap.
I´m pretty exited for it, but unfortunately it´s going to be colder on friday.
Tomorrow I´m probably going to stay in my PJ´s all day and prepare everything that needs to be prepared.

Monday- stripes and other patterns                 Tuesday- comfy and asymmetrical

Shoes&Shirt: H&M, Trousers:Mango, Necklace:Primark
Shirt: Zara, Jeans: H&M, Bag&Shoes: Primark

 Wednesday- Pink polka dot dress and leather 
I love combining feminine stuff with leather or other edgy things.

Dress&Jacket: H&M, Shoes: Deichmann. I also wore my small, light pink rose earrings, I´ve already shown in previous posts.

Fresh flowers on my desk :) Makes me happy!

So that´s it for today! This evening my Yoga class starts again, but I´m thinking about going running as well, since sports has become a pretty important part of my life. It just makes me feel happy and balanced at the end of the day. Because after sitting at school the whole day I just need to do something active afterwards.

XO Peach

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inspiring Spring

So here´s another post of two of the last weeks outfits and some other pictures. 
Both outfits were pretty feminine and girly, since everything is flourishing at the moment which just inspires me to wear more of that stuff I actually love. 
It makes me feel good as soon as I open the window in the morning and look outside. I just feel active and like all the energy that winter took came back. 

I think magnolia trees are wonderful!

Blouse, Leggins & Shoes: H&M, Top: Vero Moda
I like how the earrings catched up the lace of the shoes and top.

Top: edc, Skirt: Bershka, Shoes: Deichmann, Scarf & Bracelet: Pimkie
Present from my best friend.

I had a wonderful weekend with BBQ at a friends house. And today after (guess what? yes of course) running, I´ve been in the garden all day. And now I´m going to read some magazines, put out clothes for tomorrow and then I´m going to go to bed. So goodnight :)
xo Peach

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just some impressions

Not a lot of words, only a few pictures I took during the last few days. (Some aren´t the best quality since I forgot to take my camera with me and had to use my phone. I´m sorry.)

Shoes on monday: Deichmann

New PJ´s for summer. I think they´re so cute.
Details of monday´s outfit.

And the whole outfit I wore on monday. Scarf: Pieces, Cardigan: Mango, Top & Jeans: New Yorker, Watch: S.Oliver

It was a wonderful evening on Tuesday. We went eating sushi and afterwards I had my first icecream this year. Actually the best I´ve ever had. Latte Macchiato taste!
The outfit I wore that day and evening: Wedges: Deichmann, Jeans: H&M, T- Shirt: New Yorker, Blazer: Only, Bracelet: Thomas Sabo. I added a nice flower scarf and a jacket for going outside, since it´s not yet that warm.

And now I´m going to go running at the park a little bit, since there´s no school for me today and the sun is shining. Wonderful!
xo Peach