Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer outfits and packing

Wow! Only one more week of school and then the holidays are there! I´m so exited and I really feel like I need those holidays more than ever before.
I´m already packing a few things everyday, since that is what I always do. I just love to start packing very early and see how the suitcase gets filled a little more each day as the trip comes closer.

Today I already packed the accessories I´m going to take with me. I have a kind of colour scheme for the trip, cause I think that it makes packing a lot easier. For Italy it´s mainly white, (light)blue and pink. So obviously I chose accessories matching these colours.

My accessories for the vacation at the Italian Riviera.
I also took a lot of outfit pictures during the last days. So here they are, but I didn´t organize them by date this time.

Dressy Day
Little more casual

 Left side: Top: Filippa K., Skirt: H&M,
                  Shoes: Deichmann, Ring: SIX

Right side: Top: H&M, Jeans Shirt: Only,
                   Trousers: Brandy Melville,
                   Shoes: Buffalo

Top:New Yorker,Shorts:Sutherland,Sandals:Primark
Dress:New Yorker,Wedges:Esprit

Sometimes I just
skip the accessories,
especially during hot
summer days, cause then they just annoy   me.

Left: Top: H&M, Hotpants: Tally Weijl, Necklace: CamaĆ­eu, Belt: Primark, Sandals: Marco Tozzi
Right: Top: Pimkie, Trousers: Pieces, Sneakers: Primark

Since I´m only going to stay at home for one day between my two trips, I have to pack two suitcases at one time, which is kind of a challenge for me. I´m going to tell the other destination right after coming back from Italy. It´s also something that I´m super exited about, as I´ve never been at this place before.

Have a wonderful weekend!  
xo Peach

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer plans and other things

I´m very sorry, but I couldn´t find time for posting the last days. Nonetheless today I decided to tell you something about my plans for summer and show you some pictures of the last days.

Shoes:Deichmann,Pullover:Vero Moda,Shorts:Sutherland,Bag&Belt:Pimkie

Shoes:Primark, Leatherleggins:Bershka,Sweater:H&M, Scarf:?

Some food of the last days. I love eating fruits and vegetables. But this stuff is only what I like in the evening. Of course I eat more in the morning and midday.

Today´s outfit

Jeggins:Pieces, Bangle:Pimkie, Top:Oviesse (Italy)

Flower slippers: Deichmann

The shirt of the last outfit is already four years old, and I got it in Italy. For four years I haven´t been there anymore and I´ve been missing it like crazy all the time, like every day. I had a very hard time in convincing my parents to go there again this summer, but about one year ago, they sad yes. And since then I´ve been waiting and waiting and today it´s only about three weeks till I´m going to go there. So these are my plans for the first weeks of summer holidays. There´s going to be another trip afterwards, but I´m going to tell you about that later.

Here are some impressions from the summer of 2009 when I went there the last time. I just think it´s so beautiful.

xo Peach


Going there by car, this picture was taken in the Alps.