Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wearing my new stuff

Hi guys,
this week getting dressed in the mornings was a lot of fun for me. I enjoyed wearing my new clothes from Munich. As I said I would show them to you in some outfit post ... well, here some of them are.
I´m so exited to combine new stuff when I get it.

 Monday                                                                               Tuesday
Black and white.                                                              Patterned cardigan.
I got both cardigans at Forever21 and I love them. They´re so chunky and kept me super warm.

Shirt/Leggings:H&M,Boots:UGG,Necklace:Brandy Melville
 Wednesday                                                                                 Thursday



Blouse:Forever21,Jeans:H&M,Boots:Local store,Owl ring:H&M
Thursday´s outfit is kind of my favourite this week. I can´t really explain why, I just felt the most comfortable with this look.
Have a good (and hopefully sunny - here it´s rather rainy) weekend!

xo Peach 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Back from Munich

Hi guys,

I´m back from my trip to Munich and school starts again tomorrow. But I´m quite positive about it as I got a lot of cute things that will make it easier to feel good during those early mornings. I decided to show you some things - most of them are accessories - and random pictures from my trip in this post and the clothes in different outfit posts.

                                             City impressions
The city hall at Marienplatz

In the "Hofgarten"



In the Olympiapark


Sushi! I loved vegetarian rolls with rucola, tomato, cucumber and cream cheese.

Sausage salad with Brezen 


Fresh fruits and coffee for breakfast. Yummy!

Selfmade Spinach-cheese-Knödel with sage- butter and Parmesan. The best thing I ate there!


            Spaghetti with mussels

                             Some new things

Some of my new things. The bracelets and hand warmers were a present, so I don´t know where they´re from.

The shoes and bag were my cousin´s before, but as she didn´t need them anymore she gave them to me. 
(Both H&M)

 I love the material of the hoodie. It´s knitted and super soft. 

                                                 And this statement necklace is another thing I love.

I hope you enjoyed this post of my autumn trip to cold Munich. And as school starts again, I´m going to get to wear my new stuff a lot. Exited for that.

Have a nice day!
xo Peach