Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I´m back and there are some news

Yes, I know. It has been an extremely long time, since I posted something (more than half a year). There were so many things going on in my life. I´m almost done with school now (only one exam ahead of me) and I just didn´t have the time and didn´t feel like doing anything while I had to study so much.

I decided to make some changes. I´ll start writing as myself (Carina) instead of Peach and I´m going to try not to stress myself if I´m not in the mood to write something, because I don´t want to post anything totally senseless.
But now I´m full of inspiration and new ideas and I´m probably going to have a lot more time for posting. At least until midth July...

Because those are some news: I´m going to live in a suburb of Chicago for a year as an Au Pair. I´m super exited as it´s not even two month to go. I´ve wanted to go to America for a few years now and even if it´s strange thinking that I´m going to be away from home for a whole year, it´s going to be an amazing experience. I´m sure :)
So then there will be another topic this blog will be about, as I don´t want to start another one, only because it´s a different topic.
I mean it´s my blog and it´s about my life and that´s going to be a part of my life.

That´s it for now, because, as I said I´ll have to do one more exam, I have to study. I just have an outfit from a few weeks ago, when it finally started to get warm here to add some pictures to this post:

Top, Skirt & Bracelet: H&M/ Shoes: Deichmann/ Bag: Primark

xo Carina

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