Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 months without any posts? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??

This is what I am thinking so many times at the moment and I am just sitting around doing nonsense. I´ve been so motivated to blog lately and posted lots on my private blog for my family about my Au Pair Year. But for some reason right now there isn´t enough of the topics that I am interested in in my life.
So here I am back again and this time I am willing to spend my freetime on photographing, writing and many other things.
I have five months left in the United States and lots of exiting trips coming up (New York, Hawaii, Westcoast).
And I just want to live those five months to the fullest. I´ve been saving money for a long time to pay all my travels, but now it is all paid for and I can go shopping and have fun  again :) 
And I am making plans for next year already, but I´m not going to talk about it until it´s sure.

And now I´ll give you a really quick overview over my last 10 months :)
Have fun!

At my graduation in June. Done with school!
Michigan in August

NYC-Tour during the Au Pair Training School

Finally! I arrived in Chicago July 17th. And I fell in love with this city the first time I went downtown. (Even though the winter is terribly cold.)

Washington DC in Octobre

Skydeck at Willis Tower

Washington Monument

The Lincoln Memorial

Beautiful sunset in Florida where we spend christmas

And a few pictures from my most recent trip two weeks ago. It was a weekend trip to New Orleans.

I loved all the pretty houses in New Orleans!

We visited Mardi Gras World
Hope it´s warming up where you are too! Here it´s getting really nice
xo Carina